About Author Robert S. Wood

Author Robert S. Wood has written on subjects ranging from wilderness adventure to medicine to metaphysics and philosophy, always searching for ways to better life. His latest book is DESERT RIVERMAN. His dozen books have sold more than 300,000 copies.

Robert received a BS from the University of California in his hometown of Berkeley, California. During the early 60s he wrote for LIFE, TIME and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED magazines, retiring at the age of 34 to travel and write. His first book was DESOLATION WILDERNESS, a rock-by-rock guide to 200 square miles of California High Sierra wilderness.

Next he wrote two 1970s backpacking bestsellers, PLEASURE PACKING and THE 2 OZ. BACKPACKER, which together have sold more than a quarter million copies.

Then came MOUNTAIN CABIN, a Waldenesque love letter to his rustic High Sierra wilderness cabin. That was followed by GOODBYE, LONELINESS!, an account of his passage through Primal Therapy and his training as a therapist, WHITEWATER BOATMAN: THE MAKING OF RIVER GUIDE; DAYHIKER; HOMEOPATHY, MEDICINE THAT WORKS!; HAVE MORE FUN!; PEACEFUL PASSING and "TIRED OF LIVIN? FEARED OF DYIN?"

All his life Robert has searched for a belief system to live by that would 'fit.' After working his way through Western and Eastern religions, he found Abraham-Hicks, whose teachings are featured in both HAVE MORE FUN! and PEACEFUL PASSING. Robert quotes Abraham as asserting that "man's greatest joy comes from the contemplation and application of ideas, principles and beliefs."

"My passion nowadays," says Robert "is to explore and experiment with and write about beliefs and how they can produce happiness and success and ease human suffering. I’m also a student of human nature."

Robert still loves the wilds and spends as much time as possible outdoors. He and his wife, Deanne, frequently travel to Mexico, Alaska, the Swiss and Italian Alps and the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. They migrate with the seasons, living the summer half the year at their mountain cabin overlooking Lake Tahoe, on the crest of the California High Sierra. In the winter they live in the Sedona, Arizona, high desert, where they enjoy hiking, swimming, gardening, and traveling.
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