Book Reviews

“…a fantastic job telling the story of Murl Emery and his adventures along the Colorado River…a must read…very difficult to put down…”
- Raymond D. Beck

“The book is filled with historical fact and humor that will keep your interest to the very end. Great book!”
- Wayne Hunter
“…a very refreshing perspective on backcountry hiking…worth the price…original…”
- P. Mumford

“As a light-weight backpacker, I’m strict about weight…but this little book always has a place in my backpack.”
- K. A. Handyside
"The perfect gift for all! One self-help book that produces results with specific techniques that really work. Within minutes of opening this book, I started to have fun. It taught me habits for a positive outlook that will last my lifetime. Guaranteed to make you happier. It has even improved my sex life!"
- Jack Miller, Author and Explorer

“All ages, from young adult through adult, should consult this guide, which tells how to overcome ‘fun deficiency’ to have more fun. Transform work into play and understand the hidden benefits of play through a fine series of exercises.”
- The Midwest Book Review
". . .a fascinating introduction and explanation of homeopathy from the patient's perspective. Geared for the general public, it paints a truthful, intriguing picture of homeopathic medicine. The narrative is captivating, creating drama and interest; it reads like a novel."
- Durr Elmore, DC, ND, DHANP

The author's case history was dramatized as part of the NBC-TV documentary on alternative medicine.

“...we should depart the body by gently letting go of the soul. This beautiful book will show you how.”
- Leonard Orr, Author
Breaking the Death Habit & Healing the Death Urge

"Wood has lovingly and artfully organized messages given from 'the Other Side' -- messages offered to help us understand that what awaits us is 'unimaginable relief' and 'well-being that's delightful beyond description.' After discussing the evolution of 'Death, American Style' and the growing and controversial Right-to-Die Movement, Wood offers his readers the good news that there's a legal, undetectable, drug and violence-free way to 'change worlds when you're ready to.' True stories of those who chose to let go of their life force confirm that there IS an 'easy way out.'

Peaceful Passing also gifts readers with a priceless bonus: practical advice for how to live more joyfully and successfully by using the principles of the Science of Deliberate Creation. I think this fascinating book contains a powerful message that could well be regarded by future generations as the Rosetta Stone of the New Millenium.”

- Biz Burnett
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